Voluspa Candles and Fragrances


Voluspa candles and home fragrance will introduce you to a world of excellence in fragrance and candle light that delights the senses and adds luxe to everyday living. What’s not to like about a little daily luxury. The company offers uncommon scents and fragrances and introduces quality into the simplest thing. A Voluspa Candle is simple but luxurious and of the highest quality. They burn extremely clean and offer a light sensation unequalled in the candle industry.Voluspa Crane-Flower-Collection

Troy and Traci Arntsen created their first scented candle in their kitchen in 1999. The birth of Voluspa was fueled by a love for art, fragrance and elegant illumination. It all began with Traci’s expert nose and knowledge of botany. Now add Troy’s technical engineering background, and this dynamic duo is credited with developing clean burning and potently fragrant candles renowned in the industry. The creamy coconut wax blend enhances fragrance throw, burns ultra clean, and delights consumers world wide. Once you have experienced a Voluspa candle your thoughts regarding this simple pleasure will be forever changed.


Voluspa finds their niche

Voluspa Yuzu-Rose-Stonecrop-Collection

Traci and Troy created striking packaging that attracts the eye as it is displayed. It is difficult not to notice the delightful packaging that accompanies each item within the product line. Unique and extraordinary scents is the cornerstone for their home fragrance products. This product line can be found in prestigious retailers around the world such as Treasure Trove of Galveston, Texas. The products have become a staple in the homes of Hollywood’s elite. These products are regularly featured in editorial articles written for beauty, fashion and home magazines. Voluspa has become a household name within the home fragrance industry. When you are interested in the best, you are interested in Voluspa. It is difficult to overstate the luxurious fragrance and superior quality you will experience after you take home a candle or two from this fine company.