Treasure Trove Ladies Boutique

Treasure Trove Ladies Boutique Boot & BagTreasure Trove is a Ladies Boutique, and is located at 2719 61st St. on the tropical island of Galveston, Texas. You will find Treasure Trove to be a unique and delightful shopping experience to be sure. After Hurricane Ike in September 2008, Treasure Trove was moved to it’s current location in Galveston. Treasure Trove ladies boutique carries many Product Lines, Vendors, and Designers that no one else in Galveston or anywhere south of Houston carries. Different? Unique? Special? Yes, we truly are, and by design. On Thursday and Friday evenings we provide FREE Champagne & Cheesecake for the enjoyment of our guests. We are open seven days a week for your convenience and pleasure.


While we do not cater to the visitors and tourists with traditional souvenir items, we do provide stylish beachwear. Since your going to the beach anyway, you might as well go in style! At Treasure Trove we carry exquisite jewelry and unique brands as well. Our inventory is designed to please the most discriminating shopper. If you are looking for unique and value priced jewelry, you need look no further.


Most of our clients take advantage of the “Wish List” that we provide for their friends and family. Since you are going to receive gifts from time to time anyway, those gifts might as well be something that you would really like. We make it easy for this to happen! So, come into to Treasure Trove Ladies Boutique and find a few things that you would like. Fill out the “Wish List” form which is located on this website then notify your friends and family. Once you fill out the “Wish List” form and make the proper notifications don’t be surprised when you receive one of your selected items as a gift.


Our Ladies Boutique also provides for your convenience “Profile” and “Birthday Club” sign up forms on this website. The “Profile” form indicates sizes and favorites so someone can surprise you rather than only buying from your “Wish List”. Now what’s not to like about a surprise? If you receive a surprise gift from our boutique and don’t like it, bring it back to Treasure Trove and we will gladly exchange it for something that you would prefer to have. It’s just that simple. The “Birthday Club” is actually an opportunity for us to provide you with a Birthday gift. Go ahead fill out the form. Your going to have the Birthday . . . . . it might as well be Happy!