Treasure Trove Boutique Extraordinaire

Treasure Trove Boutique Extraordinaire is located on the tropical island of Galveston, Texas. Jamaica Beach is a bedroom community for Galveston on the Islands West End. Nearly twenty years ago (1997) Debbie Kubeczka purchased Jamaica Beach Hardware in that West End community of Jamaica Beach. Debbie and her husband Tommy grew the business despite having no previous experience in hardware. In February 2000, Debbie opened her Treasure Trove Boutique near Jamaica Beach Hardware. After Hurricane Ike in September 2008, they both decided to move Treasure Trove into Galveston. This quaint and very eclectic Ladies Boutique is located at 2719  61st Street. We officially began building out our new location on 61st Street in November 2011. Our Grand Opening was the day after Thanksgiving 2011. Treasure Trove is a unique and delightful shopping experience to be sure! Treasure Trove Boutique carries many Product Lines, Vendors, and Designers that no one else in Galveston or anywhere south of Houston carries. Different? Unique? Special? Yes, we truly are, and by design.

Treasure Trove Boutique Gifts and GarmentsWe offer FREE Champagne and Cheese Cake every Thursday and Friday evening. Drop in and enjoy yourself. I guarantee that you will relax and see things that can only be found in major Metro areas like Houston, Chicago, & Los Angeles. Come sit on our Love Seat and let the stress of the day, or the week, dissolve into a chilled glass of Champagne. You won’t be sorry and you may also find things for you, your home, and your family that you had no idea were available in Galveston.

Treasure Trove carries Beachwear, Ladies Fashions, Shoes, Jewelry, Tableware, and Fragrances, just to name a few! Okay, we also have the most unique gift ideas as well. Ever had a One Minute Manicure? Stop in and get a FREE One Minute Manicure. You will not be disappointed. Maybe astonished, but not disappointed!

We don’t cater to Island Visitors or Tourists like so many other stores in town. We cater to Galveston residents! However, we still get our share of Tourists and Visitors. The word is out, and our clients clearly are coming from all over Coastal Texas and beyond. When you have a selection of products like we carry,  Treasure Trove Boutique is a monthly must visit, for many of our friends and clients.