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Logo of Michel Design Works

Michel Design Works was started over 30 years ago by Bruce & Deborah Michel. Their very first product was an elaborate  “Memory Book” called Our Country Diary, which they still sell today. It was and is a book where one captures daily events and it becomes a beautiful record of family life. It is not your normal Diary. It is something special and is to be cherished. Once you begin to use it you will know why.

Metal-Tins of Michel Design Works

Michel Design Works;

The elephant proved to be the perfect logo for us when we began.  It remains today, and has become part of us and our Brand! Michel Design Works has greatly expanded into Bath & Body, Home Fragrance and Home Décor. Bath & Body is a category that everyone can appreciate because it is so personal. We offer a wide range of Bath & Body products that includes; Soap, Bubble Bath, Body Lotions, and Shower Gel just to name a few. Michel Design Works has a variety of Home Décor products such as; Coasters, Designers Totes, and Drawer Liners. For the outdoorsy types we provide Ceramic Pots, Flower Tins, and Watering Cans. Are you starting to see how diversified Michel Design Works has become?

Kitchen products are growing as well. Michel Design Works is offering a wide selection of Paper Plates, Paper Napkins, and Placemats. Speaking of paper products, we have a terrific selection of Stationary. Some of the items would be a delightful collection of Address Books. Michel Design Works also has paper back Pocket Journals. They are great for the deep thinkers and active on the go folks.

Peony of Michel Design Works

Aprons and Kitchen Towels are big product categories. Don’t forget the Oven Mitts and Potholders. These kitchen essentials are not just important items for the active cook, but serve as part of your household décor. These are just a few items of the product line at Michel Design Works. Stop into Treasure Trove in Galveston, Texas and see for yourself. We are all about the design.