Jack Black – Men’s Skin Care

Jack Black is a brand of men’s personal grooming products based out of Carrollton, Texas. The company specializes in men’s skin care, shaving cream, fragrance, and hair care products. Jack Black was founded in April 2000 by former Mary Kay, Inc. Vice President Curran Dandurand, along with fellow Mary Kay coworker Emily Dalton. In addition to winning awards from Men’s Health and FHM,  These products have been featured in men’s magazines such as Details, Men’s Fitness, Penthouse, Maxim, Golf Digest, GQ, and Esquire.


About Jack Black

Jack Black is mens skin care product

Jack Black is a pampering skin care product line for men. Featuring natural ingredients and formulated without the use of artificial colorants, Jack Black nourishes and rejuvenates the complexion while remaining gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. It can only be found in specialty stores and is not available in Drug Stores or Grocery Stores.

It’s no wonder that magazines like Esquire and Men’s Health can’t stop raving about J Black. Offering the very best in cruelty-free grooming products, JB’s brushes and shaving lathers are guaranteed to banish beard stubble and leave skin looking and feeling great. Featuring a wide range of skin and hair-care items for men and women, all of the company’s products are made from the finest natural ingredients. On top of that, nothing Jack Black sells is tested on animals, and the vast majority of its products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. The company went to great lengths to develop a vegan shaving brush—which says a lot, considering that most of the shaving brushes on the market today are created using badger hair. Treasure Trove of Galveston, Texas is proud to be a dealer of the JB men’s Skin Care and Grooming line. We only want the Best for our Men and are sure you feel that way too! You can take pride in giving the Best to your man with the complete line of Jack Black.