Green Tree Jewelry

Green Tree Jewelry is based in San Diego, California. Green Tree Jewelry was founded by Lance Nybye Sr. and his son Lance Nybye Jr. to provide affordable fun jewelry from renewable resources in the USA.

About Green Tree Jewelry

Lance Jr. & Sr. stumbled upon the idea of Green Tree Jewelry after a horrific fire consumed their previous business of laser engraving bats.  The bat business never made a full comeback after the 2008 fire, so they had to find a way to reinvent themselves.  While attending weekend craft shows and weeknight street fairs, they had the idea of using the equipment they already had for the previous business to make wood laser cut earrings. The product has come a long way from where it started and they are proud to offer not only earrings, but bracelets, pendants, switch plates, and clocks as well.

Lance Jr. is passionate, not only about creating affordable, well made U.S.A products, but also spreading the word on the importance of purchasing Made in U.S.A products.  He believes it is crucial to our country’s economy to continue to support local small business along with any products that are Made in U.S.A.  Over the years he has become very aware in the importance of buying Made in U.S.A products and the challenges associated with manufacturing in the United States.  Lance Jr. is determined to support, in every way America’s ability to produce quality products at affordable prices.

We hope you will stand with us to protect America’s ability to produce, create jobs, and stay a World leader. Green Tree Jewelry creates unusual, creative, and unique jewelry and household items that can not be found at traditional jewelry stores. Their selection is clever and most of all fun to wear.

Green Tree Jewelry makes hundreds of items in the following categories. Treasure Trove does not stock every item, however, we would be happy to special order for you any item that Green Tree jewelry makes. Come in and lets talk about that unique piece of jewelry that is just right for you!